I do iOS since 2010 and mobile since 2005 (Symbian S60).

Currently I focus on continuously delivering decoupled, native UI layers for mobile apps. It’s an approach to software development that relies on maintaining a strict border between UI (SwiftUI, UIKit, AppKit, WatchKit) and underlying infrastructure (REST, GraphQL, other devices and services) and business logic with very concise interface in between. Such separation provides freedom to develop both layers independently. They can be developed separately and composed with native code or even with React Native, Flutter and other frameworks.

I firmly believe that such modularisation is a good way to decrease the complexity of software projects, scale teams, fill the personnel gaps and it allows teams to build extendable and changeable apps with lots of benefits arising from decoupling and specialization.

If that sounds like something that can be helpful to your team or you as a freelancer feel free to get in touch via email.

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